Living with viruses or fighting against viruses?

During these billions of years of evolution, all the living organisms appeared on earth have been linked – sometimes in mutual synergy and sometimes in mutual competition –  by the struggle for existence and the will of replication.

The viruses are strings of DNA or RNA. They have co-evoluted with the Humans and animals, being probably existed since living cells first evolved .

Differently from bacteria, the virus cannot replicate itself without an host cell, because the virus has not the apparatus of replication: the virus needs to find an host cell and asks the host cell to replicate it. Some viruses – like the coronavirus – may use the human cells, as hosts. Thus, the virus has no “will” or “project” to kill its own host (the Human), otherwise he could not replicate anymore. It does not want to commit suicide: it struggles for life and replication. This is how any virus works from cold virus to flu virus. That is why human population has been growing since ever till reaching 8 billions of today.

Our biased “anthropocentric” view leads us in competition with viruses, labelling them as a threat for our species. But, casting  a different perspective, an ecological perspective, in which Humans are in a wider framework, suddenly viruses will be seen on fairer light.

Fighting against virus is not only useless, but it will also be harmful for our own species. Because fighting against the virus means fighting against Nature. It translates in deteriorating our ecological framework. The World is not afraid of the billions of items that every day we are  producing just against the coronavirus: billions of gloves, masks, chemicals, etc. etc. The world has tolerated bigger shocks during his billion life (than what we homo sapiens can ever do): from thousands of degrees of temperature to some asteroid impacts. The issue is that we are deteriorating the delicate ecological framework that has allowed our “inception”. That unique framework that Nature with casual diligence has been creating in billions of years.

Life and deaths are a normal cycle of life. We are the only species on this planet that has evolved psychotic traits. We are the only species who has ever slaved other humans. We are the only species to have ever committed genocides.  We are the only species who has endangered many animals species to extinction just for the pleasure of hunting or for wearing fur coats. Or using animals in the laboratories, injecting into them all the chemicals substances our ingenuity has been able to create: in order to discover the secret of eternal life. We are the only species who does not accept our own aesthetics, at the point that we use the aesthetic surgery for generating Monsters on daily base. We are the only species who needs to use filters on photo apps for changing our Natural Aesthetics. We are the only species who is polluting all the drinkable water or is spreading garbage  in every corner of the planet.

The virus is impartial. He does not differentiate among rich and poor. But human intervention  is partial: it differentiates very well the rich from the poor.