Woke is an adjective derived from African-American Vernacular English meaning “alert to social inequalities and discrimination”.

CHRISTIANITY was the first WOKE MOVEMENT in history (to be known). And it offered the solution to the Elites to re-address the Envy of the herd. Envy has been always a powerful driver in society.

At that time (about 2000 years ago) the ultimate values were: winning, make money, being sexual confident, having knowledge, being famous, being strong.

The herd (the population) with no money, no knowledge, no fame, no strengths, etc. had a lot resentment and envy against the aristocracy. How can the aristocracy could keep the herd in control, avoiding negative sentiments and, then, rebellion?

Christianity, with an Orwellian style, relabelled the values, tailoring them on the herd. In the new Christian scheme:

1) no money was relabelled as “nobel property

2) no education was praised as “sincerity

3) lacking of sex was hailed as “chastity

4) not-being-able-to-takerevenge was turned into “forgiveness

5) the absence of doubt was awarded as the “ultimate virtue

Christianity moved also the goalposts to the after-life: no need to struggle against the aristocracy in this world. Christianity claimed awards for the weak, the meek, the chaste, the poor, the persecuted after death.

The Aristocracy had just to pay the price to divide their power with another emerging power structure, the clerical structure (that would ensure to the aristocracy the subjugation of the mass).